about us

We are ƒun Team. A trackmania gaming team which was first formed around 2006 by Zavalos in the amazing and memorable server Zavalos LOL in Greece. Team became very popular among the Greek trackmania community while on ESWC game and had made a lot of friends and members in their active server. Later on, around 2008 team moved to Trackmania United and stayed there until today with a small break on 2014 when we moved to Trackmania2 for a few months.

Today ƒun Team is an international gaming team with players all over the world. We like to play all kind of stadium maps (lol, tech, rpg, full speed) and we arrange very often racing-wars mostly on LoL maps. You can find us on these servers: 

ƒun LOL --- ƒun Tech / Shorts --- ƒun RPG --- ƒun War 

We will be happy to see you there and play with us 🙂