Make your war in our server

Make War Not Love

Make your war in our servers!

You want to make a scrim war and you are bored to set-up the server or count the points yourself?  You don’t know if you win or lose?  You don’t know in which maps you have to put more effort? We have the solution for you: Play in our private War server! All you have to do is donate an amount of coppers (20k per week of usage) and you get the following:

We offer a dedicated server for wars with two special features: An online set of xaseco plugins to watch the score real time (which you can find only in Fun servers), as well as a web interface with a lot of stats.

The points for each team is the sum of the top 10 locals, where the 1st local gains 10 points and the last local gains 1 point. Thus, each map contains 55 points (10+9+...+2+1).

If you are interested, make a post in our forum or contact any of the Fun members!


war2(click the image to enlarge)


The xaseco plugins include:

  • • Player score (image up): Shows the player’s score in map and total points in war
  • • War score (image up): Overview of the total score of teams participating
  • • Map score (image up): Teams score in the current map
  • • War score (left & center): Points gained of each player in a list


The web interface includes:

  • • Points for each team
  • • Points for each player
  • • Gold, silver, bronze medals for each player
  • • Count of map with scores for each player
  • • Percentage of player points for the entire team
  • • Online / offline indication of players in front of their name
  • • Overview of all top-10 in all maps


war1(click the image to enlarge)